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About us


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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionise Australia’s nutrition industry by creating the first truly whole food, superfood, nutrient dense, low calorie, low carbohydrate, delicious food products.

We exist to provide you, the planet and all it’s inhabitants the opportunity to live long, healthy and and happy lives.

We will only source our ingredients from ethical and environmentally sustainable companies within Australia, New Zealand and across the globe. Our products will only use ingredients that are backed by research which indicates the support for the optimisation of a healthy lifestyle and reduction of chronic diseases and disease


The Journey

After battling his own health issues which modern medicine seemed unable solve, our founder turned nutrition for answers. During this journey he discovered that while all foods may appear to be made equal on the surface, it’s not until you understand how, or if they are grown and processed that counts!

With the explosion of the modern farming and fast food industries over the past few decades, came the rapid rise of chronic disease and disorders. These issues continue to place both our lives and the planet’s health at risk of dire consequences. The latest research within environmental and health industries supports the reduction in the consumption of animal food and a return to more traditional, but sustainable farming and food manufacturing practices. If we can adopt these changes now, not only will we be able to live long, healthy and happy lives, but we can live them on this planet for centuries to come.

Adopting change isn’t something that’s easy for most people, particularly if it’s requires you to stop doing something that feels good and brings you joy. We get it, that’s why we do what we do. We remove barriers to change by creating foods that you crave. Our hope is that these foods will that make it easy for our mission to become your mission.